EC proposes up to 87.3% antidumping tariffs

At the beginning of November the European Commission Directorate for Trade Defence released its ‘Proposal to impose definitive measures’ on EU imports of carbon steel fasteners from the People’s Republic of China.
The 45-page proposal document, also released to registered interested parties, has been presented to trade ministries in all member states in preparation for discussion at a meeting of the EU Antidumping Committee scheduled, it is understood, for 25 November. The deadline for comments to be received by the Commission is 12 noon on 24 November. Assuming that the committee approves the proposal - it is very unusual for a majority of member states to oppose the Commission in these circumstances - then it will require the formal approval of EU Council of ministers, before a Council Regulation is drafted, translated into the 23 official EU languages, and published in the EU Official Journal. Usually definitive tariffs apply immediately on the date of publication. The deadline for issuing the definitive decision is February 8 2009 but there is nothing to prevent it being issued earlier than this date.

The antidumping duty proposed for imports from all companies in the P.R. China, other than those that cooperated with the investigation or were accorded individual treatment, is 87.3%. Imports from approximately 100 Chinese exporting factories, which cooperated with the investigation, are proposed to have a duty of 78% applied. The tariffs are proposed across all ten of the CN codes cited in the original complaint accepted for investigation in November 2007. The codes and typical product types included are shown below.

             CN Code     Description
  • 7318 12 90 Woodscrews other than coachscrews
  • 7318 14 91 Spaced thread screws
  • 7318 14 99 Self tapping screws
  • 7318 15 59 Slot and cross recessed screws (with or without nuts or washers)
  • 7318 15 69 Hexagon socket head screws
  • 7318 15 81 Hexagon screws and bolts <800MPa
  • 7318 15 89 Hexagon screws and bolts = or > 800MPa
  • 7318 15 90 Screws and bolts with heads other than hexagonal
  • 7318 21 00 Spring and lock washers
  • 7318 22 00 Other washers

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